Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tired today!

I'm tired today... Do you ever feel like your constantly battling? Well I do! I've been feeling like so many good things are happening in the Spirit and my heart is really connecting with the Lord lately. Then bamm I feel like I get knocked down or something (not slain in the spirit either) and it is such a battle to get back up and fight. It's like I'll feel refreshed for a couple of days then I'm wiped out for another day. I just have to trust and lean on Him and not on my own understanding. I think I'll just go to bed early and maybe He will give me a dream or something and I'll feel better. Sorry for a downer just had to process this out loud. Ya'll have any encouraging words?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary, you are such a blessing to your family, to the Lacy family as a whole and your keen understanding of Scripture and your relationship with your Lord will lift you up and will bless you,too. Sooner rather than later, right? Or I could send you the Potato story? Put your feet up when you can and keep looking up. Love you, Ma