Monday, May 28, 2012

Everything is great in Lacyland!

Everything is great in Lacyland!  I feel like every day is so busy but I wanted to take a second and catch up on here.  The kid's are doing great and growing and learning every day!  We will be starting home school in August which I am so excited about.  I was going back and forth on what to do, there's so many options out there.  So we prayed and prayed and finally found the right cirriculum for us!  Jude is getting big and is so joyful!  He is crawling super fast and pulling himself up, he will be walking soon!  I've been trying to get healthy and loose weight.  I have lost 22lbs and my clothes are baggy.  I can't wait to reach my goal weight to go shopping for new clothes!  I have been eating healthier and doing workouts from Jillian Micheal's, I love it!  It feels so good to feel strong and healthy!  It has been an amazing journey that I will have to post about later.

We are heading to Washington soon and I am giddy like a little girl.  So excited!  Tom and I are both from there, we have lots and lots of family there.  This will be the first time my kids get to fly on a airplane and the first time they meet there cousins!  They are so excited!  We are going to stay in a hotel for a couple days which the kids keep talking about going in the pool.  Then we are going to the ocean for the weekend, another first for my kids.  There's no beach in Missouri so again they are super excited!  My family and Tom's family will be there for the weekend so it will be a blast spending time together!

Here's my goofy family!  May the Lord bless you!