Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update from Hilary!

Well howdy ya'll!
Last time I “blogged it up” was before Trinity was born! She just turned 2 months or 8 weeks(baby time) yesterday, Can You Believe It?! I've been learning more about motherhood these days. Trinity has been crying a lot lately, some would say she's colicky, (some would cancel that and plead the Blood) and Samuel has been throwing some fits lately. So basically my day consists of holding Trinity until she stops crying and trying to teach Samuel to not throw fits or how to control his emotions. We say “Samuel you have self control, you can control your emotions”. Through all this God is teaching me about self control! Yep I'm learning right along with the children, isn't God funny. So when Trinity cries, I get to deal with anxiety, anger, sadness, frustration or all of the above and the Lord say's, “Hilary you have self control, you can take authority over your emotions.” Wowsers! I have to actually learn the same stuff and obey just like I'm expecting of Samuel. I'm definitely learning to abide again. I keep thinking, “oh yeah I know John 15, abide in the Vine everything will be fine!” I don't know that verse! Plus I feel like I don't have time to get in the Word or to even talk with the Lord, but He is so faithful to show me things through my kids and put scripture into action in my life. Yep He is a good leader! AMEN!

So other updates: Samuel got a new haircut,

Trinity is smiling and sticking our her tongue,

Samuel likes to wear Daddy's shoes and

Trinity is sooo beautiful.

Thomas is an amazing husband and is becoming one of those awesome Dad's you hear stories about.
“Nuthin' but love”, Hil

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It's Just That Hard!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The BIG day!

We found our family's new favorite day-off hangout.. A place with history, nature, horses and poo! It's called the Dairy Barn cause there is a dairy barn here. It's like a nature preserve/park type deal!
This is Billy Graham's grandfather's cabin. Apparently he wasn't a religious man and was a heavy drinker. But many of his grandchildren, not just Billy, went on to become preachers. I guess where sin abounds grace abounds!
This is the ever-so-gorgeous Ma Lacy out front of the cabin with a beautiful baby girl Trinity strapped to her front side!
This is Billy Graham's grandfathers first horse. He bought her for a hand full of apple seed's and one gen-u-wine badger-tooth comb. She is 203 years old!
Our handsome son taking a walk next to an always-muddy South Carolina river. Do they swim in these things? Some things make us miss the North West!!
Bath time to finish up a BIG day and wash the old horse poo away!
"Nuthin' But Love!" -T