Thursday, May 1, 2008

The BIG day!

We found our family's new favorite day-off hangout.. A place with history, nature, horses and poo! It's called the Dairy Barn cause there is a dairy barn here. It's like a nature preserve/park type deal!
This is Billy Graham's grandfather's cabin. Apparently he wasn't a religious man and was a heavy drinker. But many of his grandchildren, not just Billy, went on to become preachers. I guess where sin abounds grace abounds!
This is the ever-so-gorgeous Ma Lacy out front of the cabin with a beautiful baby girl Trinity strapped to her front side!
This is Billy Graham's grandfathers first horse. He bought her for a hand full of apple seed's and one gen-u-wine badger-tooth comb. She is 203 years old!
Our handsome son taking a walk next to an always-muddy South Carolina river. Do they swim in these things? Some things make us miss the North West!!
Bath time to finish up a BIG day and wash the old horse poo away!
"Nuthin' But Love!" -T


Tom Lacy said...

My wife is beautiful.

Jonathan and Sara said...

SO SWEET! Your wife IS beautiful... I agree!

Are you guys calling the Princess, Trinity or Elizabeth or both?

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

The Most Reverend Bob says thats one fine Southern family! The Emerald Isle has rivers you can swim in...beautiful Duwamish...lovely Green...!!!

Great Big God Bless Ya!

The Most Reverend Bob

Rhondynamite said...

the comments on this blog are like a hidden track to the post when Tom writes. He writes a post, puts up pictures, labels funny things, but for those who are hardcore fans and seek out the last little bit, there is alway a post script from the man Tom Lacey himself. And Hilary IS beautiful.

Tom Lacy said...

Hidden tracks Yeah! My thinking is to get the ball rollin' on the comments, people have to first go to the comments page. If they see that there is a comment they will go. Genious right?

Tom Lacy said...

Marcus you are in one of the most beautiful places in the natural!

Tom Lacy said...

J and S, We are calling her both for now but leaning more toward Trinity (one less sylable and more unique)

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said... didn't try riding the horse? We love you Lacy's!

christiane said...

oh yes- Hilary IS beautiful- and look how little girl Trinity has changed- wow! and my little Samuel looks SO huge- a little man!!!!
i miss you SO much! but my little niece can definitely compete ;-)

rhonda said...

Tom, now every time I read your blog/comments/hidden tracks, I can hear you saying it and I can just see you with your grog.... =)

......"believe me! I'm an expert in these things!"

Anonymous said...

Which part of the Trinity are you naming her after?

Anonymous said...

the 'Tri' part and the 'ni' part and the 'ty' part

-Tom the Dad

Anonymous said...

Hilaroo, Motherhood becomes you.
Tommy-poo, I always knew you had it in you. (2B a daddy)

With love,