Thursday, August 18, 2011

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord Jude is healed!  We are all home and Jude is recovering well!  Thank you all for your prayers this last week!  I thought I would share what happened with Jude.  It all started last Tuesday out of nowhere. He couldn't keep anything down and was projectile vomiting. I took him to his pediatrician on Thursday and he said it was reflux. By Sunday he was visibly dehydrated so we took him to ER.  He had lost 2 lbs, he was 10.5lbs on Thursday and was below his birth weight by Sunday.  We went to Childrens' Mercy where they did blood tests and a ultrasound on his belly.  They diagnosed him with pyloric stenosis, it is a narrowing of the pylorus, the opening from the stomach to the small intestine.  In pyloric stenosis the muscles in the pylorus are thickened, the thickening prevents the stomach from entering into the small intestine. Pyloric stenosis is more common in boys than girls and runs in families.  My brother actually had this when he was Jude's age.  We are so thankful to finally know what was going on with our boy.  They hooked up to IVs and was getting everything he needed without vomiting for a change.  Yesterday Jude had a small low risk operation called a pyloromyotomy to split the over developed muscles.   He was monitored for 24hrs and released last night!  He is doing really well at home and is back to normal feedings with out vomiting.  We are overwhelmed by all who have stood up and pitched in. And so thankful for your prayers, we definitely felt them lifting us up. So thankful for you all who came over and stayed with the kids and for the ones that brought over food and for the ones that came to visit us in the hospital.  We really felt the love!  So thankful for the Body of Christ and God is good to the Lacys!  Love you all!

Monday, August 8, 2011

He gently leads those with young!

I'm enjoying this newborn season!  Some of the things I'm enjoying right now is Jude's squeaks and grunts, how his forehead wrinkles up when he's trying to open his eyes, that he still likes to snuggle, how he falls asleep on my chest.  The other morning it was 6am and he woke to be nursed again and as I was thinking "oh I'm so tired" he gave me this sweet smile.  It made my day!  Instead of starting off with complaining Jude reminded me to start of with thanksgiving!  I love it because every time the Lord gives us a baby He draws us closer to him.  As I rock my baby to get him back to sleep I am reminded to pray, to thank God for this little blessing's He's given us.  Every time I nurse I am able to actually sit and rest and it reminds me to pray!  

I happened upon this verse today:
Isaiah 40:11
He will feed His flock like a shepherd; 
He will gather the lambs with His arm, 
And carry them in His bosom, 
And gently lead those who are with young

I love that God is gently leading me as I'm raising these young ones.  He's not condemning me but He is patient with me and He is being a good shepherd, holding me close and leading me gently.  I love His word it is so encouraging!

Be blessed today!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jude Daniel Lacy is here!

On July 13th at 9:10am Jude Daniel Lacy was born!  Jude means praise, Daniel means God is my judge and Lacy means cheerful!  So as you know we were waiting and I had a feeling that he was going to come early but of course wasn't sure.  He came 9 days early which was a blessing to us!  Here's the short story:
I had been having contractions for about a week but nothing too consistent.  Then at 3am the contractions woke me up and were 10 minutes apart and pretty painful.  So I timed them for an hour and decided to wake up Tom and tell him.  He was up and ready to go, we finished getting things ready at the house in between contractions and called our friend that stayed with the kids.  Then headed to the hospital around 6am.  When we got there my contractions had slowed down and I felt too peaceful I thought maybe it wasn't real labor but it was and it was the Lord bringing me peace.  So I was 4cm when I got there which was discouraging but things sped up fast.  I was able to walk around and sit on the birthing ball to speed things up.  We had the prayer room playing on our computer and it was so peaceful in the room.  Everything lined up perfectly, we had the midwife that I prayed for and had amazing nurses too.  Tom was super joyful the whole time and encouraging me that I could do it!  Then my water broke I think around 8am and the contractions were more painful.  Then at 9am they said I was completely dilated and effaced, I pushed 4 pushes about 10 minutes and he was out.  It was beautiful I was able to hold him for a long time and nurse and he was just perfect!  While I was in labor our friend that was staying with the kids had a dream and in the dream there was an angel in the room with us at the hospital telling me when to push and when we came back from the hospital we were saying there was so much peace.  That is just how it was, there was so much peace in the room and we could feel the Lord's presence!

Jude has such a sweet spirit, he is nursing well and sleeping well, he is such joy!  It was so great to have Tom home to help out so I can rest and so we can enjoy being a family.  Also thank you to all who made us a meal that was a huge blessing!  It has been a sweet time enjoying our new home and our new baby.  I feel like my heart is coming more alive and I am experiencing more of God and more joy in my life.

Our camera is broken and I can't seem to figure out how to download the ones from the Iphone so more pic.'s to come soon but here's the one I could figure out how to post.    This is right after I had him, so happy to finally hold my precious gift!
Thanks again to all who have helped and to everyone that has prayed for our family!  The kids are adjusting well and there is so much grace right now and I know it is because our dear friends and family are praying!  May the Lord bless you all!