Thursday, September 1, 2011

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

It's a new day with new mercies!  I was able to get up before all the kiddos and enjoy some coffee and prayer time with the Lord.  Oh how I miss starting the day out like this.  My verse these days has been Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" And the phrase I've been singing around the house is "Jesus help us!"  

I'm still learning how to do this mothering thing, wife thing and homemaker thing...I had some rough days this last week but I've been trying to do things out of my own strength and not turning to God.  I just started working out again and sometimes it is so hard to go downstairs and get on that treadmill but once I do it I feel so much better, as I'm working out I keep saying that scripture I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  

The other day I took all the kids to the store, we really needed groceries and we all needed to get out of the house.  It is such a task to go the the store with all four alone but it needs to be done.  I usually dread the looks and comments from people and of course the melt downs from the kids.  I had Jude strapped on me in a sling, Samuel and Esther were in the cart and Trinity walked with me.  As I drove I kept saying the verse over and over again and as I walked through the store I kept saying the verse and Jesus help us.  This time I was able to smile at the people that made comments instead of letting it irritate me and there was only one melt down in line and it really wasn't that bad.  I'm realizing that God really is my strength!  

As I wake up in the morning from a long night of waking and nursing Jude, I give praise to Him for my little blessings and ask for more of His strength and His help.  I read a blog from a friend recently and they said that " if my day is crappy, I have only myself to blame."  That has stuck with me, I can choose joy and thankfulness or I can choose to be a grump and in a bad mood, it really is a choice.  So today I'm choosing joy and I'm choosing to lean into God and ask for His strength and grace!

There's some thoughts for you, now time to make the little ones some breakfast.  Here's a pic. of my sweeties enjoying Popsicle's in the hammock, I will post more of baby Jude soon!  Bless you all!