Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's new?

Wow it has been 5 months since I've written....So what is new?  Let's see, Tom is traveling more and going on ministry trips.  Which has been good and hard because we miss him when he's gone and every one seems to sleep less when he is away.  It is good because he always comes back with fresh vision for our family plus he gets to meet amazing people and encourage them or be encouraged by them.  The Lord always seems to draw near and tenderize my heart while he is away and I seem to get a lot of projects done. 

The children are doing great.  Samuel and Jude share a room now, it is the sweetest thing ever.  Sometimes I hear Jude in the middle of the night saying "bu bu bu bu bu bu" so cute and Samuel sings to him in the mornings.  The girls have a bunk bed now and love it, I also painted their room and put up poms poms so it looks super cute and girly.  I will have to post pic.'s soon.  Jude is crawling and starting to pull himself up in his crib. I forgot about this phase where they crawl everywhere like into the bathroom and get into the toilet paper.  I'm enjoying watching him grow up he is super cute and chunky!

Since everyone is waking up I need to wrap it up but my friend posted this the other day:
I want to hear your stories about why you love being a parent or spouse.  So this was my response, I love marriage because it's like having a slumber party with your best friend every night. I love having someone to push me into God, to pray for me when I'm struggling and to just listen to me when I need to talk. I love snuggling before bed and having coffee together in the morning. I love that my Husband is the funniest person ever so I am always laughing! What I love about being a parent is hearing them sing in the morning when they wake up, hearing the pitter patter of their feet in the morning. I love how my children carry so much joy and if I'm having a bad day they just make me smile, children really don't have a care or worry. Being a parent makes me be more like a child each day and makes me seek God more for my heart to be alive and for their little souls. Wow I could go on and on this is fun!

Here's me and my chunky boy, love him!