Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching ya up to speed!

So, yep is has been forever since I blogged.  Don't really have any thought I'd catch ya up to speed!


-Enjoyed baking with the kids and doing lots of Christmas crafts
-Our friends blessed us with a Christmas tree, they brought it to our doorstep and everything!
-Read the story of baby Jesus to the kids and watched some Christmas movies with them, had fun making memories!
-The kids enjoyed acting out the story, Samuel would say that he was Joseph and Trinity was Mary and that they were going to Bethlehem to have baby Jesus.  Then he would say that we have to go to Bethlehem to have our baby and that there's not going to be any room for us. : )
-Our car had broken down right before Christmas.  Again our friends blessed us with their car to borrow for the weekend that turned into a week!
-We attended the Christmas Eve service at IHOP.  Christmas Eve services have always been my favorite!  It was a little hard to stay focused with our little ones squirming all over the place, but it was fun to be out and celebrate as a family and hear the word!
-We were really blessed this year by our family with money and gift cards and were able to get a lot off gifts for the kids.  It was so much fun to see there excitement and joy as they opened the gifts!
-Christmas day we had a big breakfast together, opened presents, talked about Jesus, the kids played with all there new stuff and we just enjoyed resting.  After nap time we went to our friends house for dinner.  They have a son around Esther's age and they have a lot of space for the kids to run around, we had an amazing time together!
-Missed my family lots this Christmas and hoping to make a visit to Seattle this year!
-We were able to get our car fixed!  Some friends and funders helped us out financially plus we had some saved up for the car.  We had to get a new water pump, timing belt and a new alternator.  A lot of work (Tom did most of it!) but super thankful we have our car back!
-The Onething conference was after Christmas and it went on into the New Year.  It was amazing and I'm thankful we were able to attend, watch online and have my Hubby work at the conference.  We are blessed!  We also had some dear friends visiting for the conference so they stayed with us and we had some sweet times together!  It was like have a bed and breakfast here, which I would love to have someday!

-Getting organized and planning to move soon (so there's no confusion, we are staying in KC just moving into a larger home) so the house hunting has started and boxing things up has started!
-Getting focused in the word again.  Enjoying my mornings reading the bible and spending quiet time with the Lord.  I notice if I don't start the day off this way it changes my whole mood and the atmosphere of my home.
-Feeling more pregnant!  Starting to show already but it is the awkward stage, hopefully soon it will be the cute stage!  I'm due July 22nd!
-Have lots more to say but the children are waking up!  Hoping to write again soon!  Be blessed today!