Monday, September 14, 2009

So much on my mind

Have so many thoughts these days and don't really know where to start or what to say. We are leaving a place we've grown to love, a place we've sown in the Spirit, a place where we started our family, and a place where we've made so many friends. So we are sad but excited all in one. We are headed back to Kansas City, MO another place where we've sown to the spirit and have many loved ones as well. Excited to start fresh again. But still not understanding all of God's ways right now. So things have been crazy with cleaning, touching up the house, getting rid of stuff and packing all on top of the usual tasks of holding babies, chasing babies, changing diapers, doing laundry, making meals, loving on my Hubby, and spending time with the Lord. So if you can't tell I'm kind of feeling all over the place but know that God is good, He has a plan and that we are going to make it through this! So Tom is leaving on Wednesday for a week to go to Kansas City, Mo. IHOP-KC is having a special celebration for there 10 year anniversary so a couple vans full of people are going out. I'm really excited about it, I will be watching it online. Also Tom will be looking for a house for us. So there's kind of an update for ya, maybe next time it will be better written and not all over the place, thanks for bearing with me. Bless you all! ~Hilary

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving to KC, MO!

Dear friends and family,

We wanted to let you all know that we are moving back to Kansas City, MO. Here's more info from Tom:

About a week ago ZHOP-Charlotte announced the completion of it's assignment here, in South Carolina. There is still a strong prayer community intact here that will continue to grow and thrive in the grace of God just not under the banner of ZHOP. Whatever ZHOP built in the Spirit will remain, and whatever was born of the flesh will die and needs to die. God says 'well done.' (BBQ term)

Our family (of five now) will be moving in SHORT ORDER back to IHOP-KC to submit to the leadership there and serve as full time staff. We are doing this in one of our WEAKEST SEASONS FINANCIALLY. We believe God would have us transition to KC IN STRENGTH. We are ON A COURSE TO RAISE $7,500.00 to do this comfortably with our children.


#1 Way) We need Your Money
#2 Way) We need Your Prayers for Strength in Transition
#3 Way) No kidding We need your Money
#4 Way) If you reside in KC, you can be on the look out for affordable 3 bedroom homes to rent $750-$1100/mo.
#5 Way) If you reside in a KC home, you can provide an interim place for us to stay while we look for home, or anything you can offer that you know would help us.

Thank you for understanding this point blank and frank email and for prayerfully replying and acting fast.