Sunday, November 28, 2010

Samuel's 4th Birthday!

My sweet, joyful boy turned 4 yesterday!  We had a fishy party for him and is was so much fun!  One day I asked him what kind of party he wanted, he looked over at the box of gold fish crackers and said "A fishy party".  I said are you sure and he kept insisting on a fishy party so I looked online and found some ideas and copied them!
Here's the ocean scape card board cut out Tom made!  The kids loved it!

we had the kids color a fish and then played pin the fish on the fish tank
And here's the fishy cake!  The sand is grahm cracker crumbs, the seaweed is a fruit roll up and I used sweedish fish candies and fruit snacks for the fish.
Here's the birthday boy!  

It was a great day, we made him pancakes and eggs and gave him breakfast in bed, opened presents and then did this party for him.  He was soooo blessed and still has a cheesy grin on his face.  I so enjoy blessing my children!  So thankful for this little guy, he has brought so much joy and laughter into my life.  Thought some of you out of staters might enjoy this post, love you!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

For Today!

I saw this outline from my friend Jenn's blog
I thought is was creative so I copied and added my stuff in!


Outside my window...   It is a beautiful day, cold but the sun is shining!  Leaves are falling and the wind is blowing...We have a friends car I can see outside my window, so thankful for friends that let us borrow a car while ours is broken.  

I am thinking...  About what else I need to finish cooking before dinner.

I am thankful for... My Hubby who walks in joy and humility.  Who serves and loves his family and others so well!  I am thankful to have Him and my little ones to celebrate with today!  I'm thankful for friends who call and check on us and pray with us when we are having a rough time.  I'm thankful for our families in Seattle and that they care enough about us to send packages with love.  I'm thankful to be saved and to be walking with the Lord.  I'm thankful to be living the dream I always hoped for, being a wife and Mom!  (of course it looks different but it is a blessing)

From the learning rooms... Samuel is learning his letters and tracing them a lot better now.  He loves to count too.  He is hungry to learn.  Trinity is learning how to be a Mommy, she walks around with her babies and her purse-so cute!  She is learning her ABC's too.  Esther is talking more and asks "read a boot" which means read a book.  She use to not be interested in books so this makes me happy that she likes them now.  And of course she snuggles with me when I read to her.

From the kitchen... I'm making my first Turkey breast in the crock pot, making home made stuffing, home made rolls, my first apple pie(I had some already!), garlic mash potatoes, and sweet potato casserole.  Missing my favorite green bean casserole because I forgot to buy green beans and now the store is closed, oops.

I am wearing...  Blouse and jeans.  My usual is T-shirt and jeans thought I would dress a little nicer for my Hubby since it is a holiday.

In Pregnancy news...  I'm probably only 3 weeks a long but so excited!  That is the talk around the house.  Samuel says I need to eat for the baby and that we are going to have the baby in Bethlehem.  Trinity prays for the baby her prayer is "Jesus help the baby Amen", Esther pats my belly and say "be be".  Thinking it might be a long 9 months for them to have to wait, but it is sweet to see them so excited!

I am creating... Lots of goodies for Samuel's fishy party on Saturday, super excited!

I am going... to have a second cup of coffee soon, exhausted these days!
I am reading... "Raising kids who hunger for God" by Benny and Sheree Phillips.  I need all the wisdom I can get!

I am hoping... it snows soon, I figure if it is going to be this cold it might as well snow.
I am hearing... kids squealing in there beds.
Around the house... It is clean for now only because it is nap time!
One of my favorite things...Date nights, I love one on one time with my Hubby!
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Turkey dinner tonight, Samuel's party Saturday, dear friends are in town for a visit this weekend, towing the car on Monday and hopefully it will be fixed on Tuesday.

Ending with a Picture...

Thankful for you all, have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yes it is true!

Just had to blog and say yes it is true we are pregnant again!  YAY!  We are soooooo excited!  As many of you know our children are pretty close together.  Samuel and Trinity are 16 months apart and Trinity and Esther are 13 months apart.  So after Esther I asked the Lord if I could take a longer break.  I wanted Esther to be at least 12 months and I wanted to loose all my weight I had gained from each pregnancy.  Esther is 18 months and a week ago I lost all my weight.  God is funny that way!  I've been having the desire for a new baby for about 4 months now so I knew it probably would be soon because each time I have a desire then soon after I get pregnant!  Also Samuel has been talking a lot about having a new baby and saying "it is time Momma, it has been too long".  So we've been telling him to pray and ask God for a baby, so this is the fruit of Samuel's prayers!

We took four tests just to be sure! (love those dollar store tests!)  We gathered the kids in our little classroom and told them the exciting news.  Samuel jumped up for joy he was so excited!  Trinity and Esther not so sure if they understand, they kept looking for the baby.  Tom drew a picture on our white board of Momma and a baby in Momma's belly and then a picture of our family, what it looks like now and then when the baby comes what it is going to look like.  They loved it!  They keep coming to my belly and saying I love you baby, and they pray for the baby.  I'm just so thankful!  It is for sure a new season for us!  I love how much joy a new life brings!

So on a practical side...we would love you to pray for us!  We are in need of a new house, this one is too small!  We are also in need of a second vehicle, mini-van or suburban!  Right now all 5 of us are packed into our Toyota Camry.  We also will need new beds for all the little ones!  Really appreciate your prayers and if you would like to give in any way click the donate button on our site!  Be blessed today!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our life

Highlights of our life these days!  I lost 10lbs!  I wasn't going to mention that I was trying to loose weight to any one but now I am pretty proud of myself.  Feels good to be back to the same weight that I was when we got married.  I finally got some motivation and started Weight Watchers again.  It has taught me how to eat healthy, portion control and to not eat emotionally but to have self control.  It has been great for our family too, the kids see me eating carrots and want to join me rather than a cookie!  Tom has joined me since he saw that is works.  It has been a lot of fun planning meals together and tracking our points etc.  So now I just need to start exercising again, the belly is hard to get rid of after 3 kids.

The kids are doing great as usual!  I love all there little personalities.  I do have to say that they are all pretty hilarious, a lot like Daddy!  Samuel is talking a lot about God these days, he loves to pray, and he is loving school too!  We have a little classroom set up, just got a white board and it has been a lot of fun teaching them!

Trinity is quite a character.  She loves to dress up in Samuel's Thomas the tank engine pajamas and puts on a funny hat.  She enjoys helping me with anything I am doing, she says "Momma I help".  So I'm learning how to include her in all my tasks of cooking and cleaning.

Esther is super joyful, creative and funny.  She is thoughtful and sweet, I see her bringing her brother or sister there sippy cup or blanket just to be nice.  She loves to dance and she gives good hugs and kisses.

Tom is such a blessing, has been helping out around the house and recently fixed our car!  PTL!  I've had some rough days recently and he cam home and prayed for me and spoke life and truth into me.  So thankful for him in my life!  Ok getting all sappy and teary eyed now!  Just needed to babble a little today, hope you all have a blessed day!