Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our life

Highlights of our life these days!  I lost 10lbs!  I wasn't going to mention that I was trying to loose weight to any one but now I am pretty proud of myself.  Feels good to be back to the same weight that I was when we got married.  I finally got some motivation and started Weight Watchers again.  It has taught me how to eat healthy, portion control and to not eat emotionally but to have self control.  It has been great for our family too, the kids see me eating carrots and want to join me rather than a cookie!  Tom has joined me since he saw that is works.  It has been a lot of fun planning meals together and tracking our points etc.  So now I just need to start exercising again, the belly is hard to get rid of after 3 kids.

The kids are doing great as usual!  I love all there little personalities.  I do have to say that they are all pretty hilarious, a lot like Daddy!  Samuel is talking a lot about God these days, he loves to pray, and he is loving school too!  We have a little classroom set up, just got a white board and it has been a lot of fun teaching them!

Trinity is quite a character.  She loves to dress up in Samuel's Thomas the tank engine pajamas and puts on a funny hat.  She enjoys helping me with anything I am doing, she says "Momma I help".  So I'm learning how to include her in all my tasks of cooking and cleaning.

Esther is super joyful, creative and funny.  She is thoughtful and sweet, I see her bringing her brother or sister there sippy cup or blanket just to be nice.  She loves to dance and she gives good hugs and kisses.

Tom is such a blessing, has been helping out around the house and recently fixed our car!  PTL!  I've had some rough days recently and he cam home and prayed for me and spoke life and truth into me.  So thankful for him in my life!  Ok getting all sappy and teary eyed now!  Just needed to babble a little today, hope you all have a blessed day!


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susanna said...

congrats on the weight loss!! i'm so proud of you!! i need to do that again.