Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family update!

We are all moved into our new house and loving it!  All the boxes are unpacked, now I just need to decorate, paint, hang curtains etc.  Some friends came and deep cleaned for me which was a huge blessing!  I'm so thankful for our new home, it is so peaceful and so spacious!  It is nice to have enough room to where there's a place to put everything.  It is great to see the kids so happy too, they are loving their new rooms and their play room.  We have a pool set up in the back yard and are enjoying summer.  We also have good friends that live next door that have kids the same age which is another plus.  It's so nice to have community again!

My Dad, Aunt and Uncle recently came to visit for 3 days and we had a blast.  The kids just loved them all it was so nice to have family here!  We went to the zoo, went swimming in the pool at their hotel, went out to eat, had fun shopping together, and then had them over for 4th of July.  My Dad blessed us and made lots of yummy food for us and our friends that night,  it was great time!  Makes me appreciate my family and miss them so much more,  I'm thankful they were able to come visit!

In other news, we are waiting for our little baby Jude Daniel to make his appearance!  The girls have been dressing up their baby dolls with his clothes and pretending it is Jude and almost every morning they ask is the baby here?  Which I then say nope and point to my rather large belly : )  Samuel is really excited too and can't wait to hold him.  We are praying he will come in perfect timing and that everything will line up just right.  I packed my bag the other night.  His little area in our room is all set up and now we are just waiting....I heard once that the baby can come anywhere from two weeks before your due date or two weeks after so I'm trying to posture my heart in that way.  He is due July 22nd, But of course earlier would be nicer!

So here's some pic.'s for ya!
 I'm loving the kitchen in our new home, so much space for me to do what I need to do and the kids can help too!
 Here's Samuel and my Dad riding a camel at the zoo, making memories!  He was so happy!
 All the yummy food my Dad made for July 4th!  He is amazing!
 My lovely family!  Esther just adored my Aunt it was so sweet!
And the belly shot at 38 weeks!

Would appreciate prayers for our family as we transition from a family of 5 to a family of 6!  Thank you all and bless you!