Saturday, February 6, 2010

Say Momma

Here's Esther after her bath, she was saying Momma until I started recording. As you can hear in the back the kids are still taking there bath while Daddy is making music!

Hello again!

The Lord has been providing so much for us! Since we moved here we've had our fridge and cupboards full which has been such a major blessing. I've been wanting some things for our kitchen like matching plates and some extra utensils and the Lord provided that this last month, this sounds little but this was huge to me and really made my heart happy! We are learning "the big system" as we call it. Coming from a small House of Prayer to a big House of Prayer has been an adjustment and it has taken some time to learn how they do things here but we are getting use to it and we are enjoying it! Tom is working in the media department now. He is really liking this, he works 36 hours there and then 12 hours he is praying in the prayer room. He also has been waking up early in the mornings to pray before he goes to work in the Media Department. I have secretly peeked in on him a couple times and I love seeing my Hubby get in the word, praying and being an excellent one! Since I see him praying at home and not only at the prayer room it provokes me to have my quiet time with the Lord also. I've been really enjoying sitting in silence before the Lord, this has been keeping my heart alive these days! I meet with a group once a week and we pray/sit in silence for an hour together and it is my favorite day of the week. I also have been meeting with other Mom's once a week which is another one of my favorite times. We encourage one another, talk and laugh and it is so good for my heart! Tom has been staying home with the children so that I can attend some of the nightly services as well as be in the prayer room which has been very refreshing. So there's our quick update, have to get back to the little ones! Here's some pics for you. Bless you all ~Hilary