Friday, May 14, 2010

Wife, Mom and Lover of God!

This last month I went to a Mom's night where an amazing lady spoke on being a wife, Mom and most of all being a lover of God. That was a life changing moment for me. Ever since I started having babies I have had a different walk with the Lord, it has still been amazing but so different than when I was single. She reminded us that even though we are a wife and Mom, that doesn't change that we are a lover of God. That before we were married and had children we were a L.O.G first(he he I loved it when she said that, LOG, lover of God). So I've been on this journey of seeking Him and singing praises to Him in the midst of housework and changing diapers, and it has been awakening my heart. I have been realizing that the more I love God and seek His face it causes me to love my husband better my children better and my family and friends better. It also makes me a lot more fun to be around, which is a bonus. So I am so thankful my eyes have been opened, to know that I don't have to put my relationship with God on hold just because I'm a mom is really exciting! The other awesome thing was that she said now that her boys are in their 20's she looks back at the time when they were little ones and realizes that that time is when she got oil with the Lord and it was a sweet time for her. So I am excited and living expectant now, knowing that I can get oil during this sweet season of my life!

I am also realizing also that it is o.k. to glean from others. I have been wanting to know how to be a Proverbs 31 woman. How to clean, cook, and take care of my home well. So I've been learning from others. I have been learning how to clean and how to organize my life from This site has been so helpful, she uses little tips each day to make the house run smoothly and not be so messy. I'm still learning but enjoying having a cleaner home. Also have been learning from my friend Racquel, how to shop and save by using coupons. She has a lot of wisdom and I enjoy reading her blog. I am still a little bit nervous and overwhelmed at this coupon thing but am determined to save money for our family.

Hope this helps some of ya, have a blessed day!