Sunday, November 15, 2009

Made it to KC!

Real quick update! We made it to KC safely, we signed a year lease to rent a house here, Tom and I start staff tomorrow! It has been amazing to be back in Kansas City, MO. I really love it here! When we arrived we were welcomed by so many friends, just felt really blessed. People bringing over meals, gifts, money, and love! Just what I needed was some love : )

So the house is cute just feels like it is taking forever to get through all these boxes and to make it really our home. Also had to get use to killing spiders, ewww, I didn't realize that was such a fear of mine but I'm getting over it! Still trying to get in a groove with the kids and with house cleaning. I've heard it takes a year to get into the groove of things after having a baby. Well it's been 6 months so I have another 6 months to go I guess.

Been enjoying going to the prayer room again. It is so good to be where the Lord first encountered my heart and where he healed my heart of so many issues. Feels good to just sit and cry with Him, love the sweetness and tenderness I'm feeling these days. God is pouring out His Spirit at IHOP in an unusual way right now. Many people have been healed both physically and emotionally. Several ears were opened up, a lady with scoliosis was healed, and a tumor disappeared! I went to the service the other night and saw many healed and touched. I wasn't healed of anything but I did feel His sweet presence and felt His love for me. They've been having nightly meetings for 3 nights now, you should check it out for free this whole week every night from 6-midnight at

ok that was suppose to be quick but just was enjoying writing today, may the Lord bless you all abundantly! Much love from the Lacy family!