Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick update

Well it has been a while once again, oops! I was doing so good about keeping ya'll up to date but haven't had the computer lately so I've been out of the loop a little. Tom's computer crashed so he uses mine and by the time he comes home I am too wiped out to communicate. Tom just went to get his haircut, Trinity is taking a nap and Samuel is having quiet time, and here I am! I think the last time I wrote Tom was just coming home from Hawaii. He had a blessed trip and thank you all for your gifts towards his trip. I really have to get him to blog about it, God did a lot! The same night he came home my good friend Kathrine from KC came to visit for a week. That was so wonderful! We had lots of fun just being together, praying together, her helping me with the kids and such. I realized that it is so nice to have those friends that you can just pick up where you left off, the ones that will just love you in your weakness and pray for you when you are down and help in any way. That is Kathrine for me...she is just great! Just having her here brought me back to the place of prayer and just calling on His name more, it was very refreshing. Now we are trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm trying to get ready for this little bundle to come. Since they gave us so many due dates I feel like I just have no clue when the baby is coming, huge range between early April and middle May so there ya go. I keep saying the baby will come when it is time and hopefully we will have everything ready for the little one. All we need is a crib, cloth diapers, and a triple stroller. Which really we will have the baby in a bassinet for a little while and the triple stroller isn't totally needed it's just for convenience so we really just need diapers. One of my friends is throwing me a small shower on Wed. so that is exciting and is a huge blessing from the Lord because I didn't think I was going to have a shower at all this time around. The Kids are doing great Trinity will be a year on April 1st and is almost walking. Samuel is growing and learning so much every day, he's singing right now! They both carry so much joy and bless me so much. Even though there are hard days with being super prego and trying to run after them I still am so thankful the Lord has given them to us and that we get to be play a part in raising the next generation. Ok I better run now, thanks for listening and bless you all!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning to lean on my Beloved

Well it has almost been two weeks since Tom's been gone and there has been some hard times but good ones too! I've realized that I tend to lean too much on Tom instead of leaning on the Lord and trusting in Him and in His strength. The Lord has been showing me who I am again, teaching me to call on Him in every circumstance and this has been so good for me to learn again and has been very refreshing for my heart. I feel very loved by the Lord and by others these past 2 weeks.

Sometimes it is easy to feel pretty much hidden as a Mom and as one married to the most joyful, outgoing and loveable guy! So I was sort of thinking maybe people wouldn't think about me or check on me while Tom was gone but I was wrong. I've been so blessed by this community we live in! So many have come to visit and keep me company, some have made meals, some have watched my kids so I can get groceries or just have a break, many have called to check on me and to pray when the kids were sick. I've just been blown away at His love for me through all you wonderful ones out there, thank you and may you all be blessed by the Lord today!