Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning to lean on my Beloved

Well it has almost been two weeks since Tom's been gone and there has been some hard times but good ones too! I've realized that I tend to lean too much on Tom instead of leaning on the Lord and trusting in Him and in His strength. The Lord has been showing me who I am again, teaching me to call on Him in every circumstance and this has been so good for me to learn again and has been very refreshing for my heart. I feel very loved by the Lord and by others these past 2 weeks.

Sometimes it is easy to feel pretty much hidden as a Mom and as one married to the most joyful, outgoing and loveable guy! So I was sort of thinking maybe people wouldn't think about me or check on me while Tom was gone but I was wrong. I've been so blessed by this community we live in! So many have come to visit and keep me company, some have made meals, some have watched my kids so I can get groceries or just have a break, many have called to check on me and to pray when the kids were sick. I've just been blown away at His love for me through all you wonderful ones out there, thank you and may you all be blessed by the Lord today!


susanna internicola said...

have you heard any update from tom?? would love to hear it!
be blessed hilary!!

Tom Lacy said...

Yep the update is that many are being touched by the Lord, there are so many amazing testimonies I'll have to have him blog about it when he is back.