Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy week

Well, had a very eventful week or two. Celebrated Hubby's B-day (thank you everyone for blessing him!) Celebrated our Anniversary, was blessed with roses and and an amazing massage at a beautiful salon and then had quality one on one time with Tom. I felt so pampered and so loved by Tom and the Lord! Now finishing up the last minute packing for Tom. Yep he leaves tomorrow for Hawaii for 14 days. So we've been trying to prepare Samuel for this, telling him Daddy is going on an airplane to Hawaii but that we can talk to him on the phone and see him on the computer(yay for skype). Samuel says "da da go hi-he" it is so cute. So I'm gonna try and keep busy. Going to my bro's in Atlanta for 4 days then when I come back I'm going to work on some projects. Tom got me some paint so I'm going to see how much energy I have but we have paint for our bathroom, our bedroom and nursery. Also going to paint a dresser for baby # 3. Glad I'm nesting it will make these 2 weeks easier I hope. I am sad for Tom to be away for so long but I am excited to see what the Lord will do in both of our hearts. I really feel like the Lord is drawing us closer to Him and pushing us into Him again. It's funny cause before we were married we had a long distance relationship for 8 months and it made us seek the Lord in a new way. So this should be a good 2 weeks of seeking the Lord again. Anyways, there's my heart for ya, looking forward to spending some extra time with the Lord while Tom's gone but also looking forward to looking at Hawaii pics when he gets back. Pray for Tom and our director as they go and please pray for grace to be on the kids and I. Blessings on you all!

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susanna internicola said...

yay! it's gonna be good. i want to help you paint!! so you better call me when you are ready!--evenings work well for me!! let's do it!