Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Salvation day to me!

Happy Valentine's day to you all! I'm blessing the Lord for this day, I was saved on this day years ago. I remember it very clearly searching and searching for love and was not finding it anywhere. Was very hurt and very unhappy. I remember thinking all my Christian friends seem to be so happy, guess I better go to church like they do. So I found a church started going to it and then became interested in the word. I had no one to ask questions about the word so I set up meetings with one of our pastors at our church and we would meet and I would bring my list of questions about the bible to him. My heart was beginning to come alive during these meetings and I would go home sit on my bed, read and search for more truth. Then on Valentine's day I went in for another meeting with my pastor and he said it sounds like your ready do you want to ask Jesus into your heart? I said Yes! We prayed together and then went and announced it to everyone that happened to be in the church building that day. A big thanks to you Pastor Chris for taking the time and answering all my questions and for being patient with me and for leading me to the Lord!

Today I am thanking the Lord for His kindness towards me! What a journey it has been. From that day I started seeking the Lord more and more. Learned I could talk to Him whenever I wanted to. My dream was to be able to pray all day, I didn't think it ever would be possible. As all you know it is! The Lord is so good to me, he saved me and set me free, he's healed me in so many ways and even on my bad days He still loves me. Another dream of mine was to be married with kids. It is all I ever wanted. I was praying for "the one" and I would always say I wanted 10 children. Looks like God is answering prayer! I definitely met the love of my life, we are going on 3 yrs married this Wednesday, so exciting. Looks like God is giving me those children I asked for and He's doing it fast. So all this to say....He is good and I am blessed. Be blessed today ya'll


my name is heather. said...

Hilary, you are so awesome! I love having you as a neighbor. : )

Tom Lacy said...

Aw thanks Heather, love having you as a neighbor too, glad you are staying!