Thursday, October 7, 2010

God cares about the little things!

I'm realizing this past week that God cares about the little things in life. That He longs to speak to us in the mundane of life and that He longs for relationship. This week I was driving with the kids to Chick-fil-a, I'm used to Tom driving so I couldn't remember how to get there from the store we were at. So I say "Lord please just show me how to get there" then Samuel says "Momma Jesus says yes He's going to show you" so I'm thinking wow ok. I keep driving still not seeing it thinking I went too far. Then I say "should I turn here or go straight ahh God show me" Samuel says again "Momma Jesus says yes He's going to show you" so I felt like I was suppose to go straight and there it was! I said "Samuel your right Jesus showed us" and he says "I told you Momma Jesus said yes." That was so good for my heart realizing that God hears the little cries of my heart, that He is listening and He will answer and show me the way to go.

Recently I've started homeschooling with Samuel and Trinity. I have been waking up before them each morning and I ask God what to do today and He shows me. Some days I'm not sure if I heard right and I second guess myself. So we've been doing a letter each week. We were on C and hadn't stayed on it for quite a week yet but yesterday I felt like we were suppose to do the letter D. So we did our usual sing ABC's, do flashcards, then write the letter out then we did a craft and made a duck for D. Then Tom came home and we said oh D for Daddy. Tom had a band aid on his finger and it had Dinoco from the cars movie, Samuel noticed that right away, so we said oh D for Dinoco! Then we had a doctor's appointment and of course realized D for doctor. It sounds little but it made me so happy that God cared about the lesson plan for the day and made everything about the letter D!

I pray that God will speak to you today and show you that He cares about the little things in your life! Lord pour out your spirit on my friends, shower them with your loving kindness today. Make yourself real to them today in Jesus name! Amen!

Be blessed today!

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Lora said...

hilary, its so neat how you are so spirit-led in everything that you do! and that story about Chick-Fil-A really shows that you are teaching Samuel that as well. He is learning how to be led by God and hear his voice! You're such a great mommy!! :) lora