Friday, July 25, 2008

To be a child again

Oh to be a child again.... I hear Samuel waking up right now singing La la la da da da. I think about his day and all that we do and start thinking about how it would be if I lived this way with God. To know that someone will scoop me up in the mornings and love on me, to feed me till I'm full, to take me on a walk, let me run around till I'm tired, sleep again, wake up get more hugs and love, snacks and another meal, color, take a bath and more resting. Thinking about this and how it should be with the Lord, as simple as this. He wants us to wake up with Him feel His love and His sweet presence, get full in the spirit with His word, He wants us to go on walks with Him and take in His fresh air, to play with Him until we are tuckered out because He is a joyful God, He wants us to take naps with Him, to continue feeling His love and hugs throughout the day, Have another meal with Him, and then bathe in His love and rest in Him. So I say oh to be a child again but I am a child, child of God! Thank you Lord! It is a new day in Him, be blessed today!

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