Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet small whispers

The Lord is speaking to me in sweet small whispers today, I love it when He does this. One thing was I turned on the Prayer room in Kansas City and they were singing this "He's brought me to the wilderness where I will learn to sing, He lets me know my barrenness so I will learn to lean... He's so kind to me! I'm so convinced that you are good God!" I heard this and tears came a flooding down. It is so good sometimes to actually feel ya know, I usually stuff it all down but these days it is all coming to the surface which is so good and it is the only way that the Lord will bring healing in our hearts. So hearing this for me was just confirmation that I am in the right place, even though I feel like this is so hard and sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of my rope, He says that it is His doing bringing me to this place of the wilderness and barrenness in the spirit. It is so I will learn to sing in the midst of pain and hard times and so I will learn to go to Him and lean on Him instead of all the other things of this world. He does this in His kindness towards me! So that's whats on my heart today! On another note, it was Trinity's 1st Birthday yesterday! We just had a couple people over and had pizza, cake and opened presents. She loved the cake. Thought I'd put some pics up of our beautiful girl! Bless you all today! ~Hilary

Yummy carrot cake!

Opening presents

Playing with our friend Christiane
(Tom got her the cute outfit and clip in Hawaii)


Anonymous said...

Thats one sweet family. You guys are awesome! We send love from the Emerald Isle.

Marc and Sallie

Tom Lacy said...

Thanks Marc and Sallie, love you guys!

Tom Lacy said...

Thanks Marc and Sallie, love you guys!