Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mystery baby

This is amazing I woke up before the kids and got ready and they are still sleeping, 8:30 is sleeping in for them so this is a kiss from the Lord! So I thought I'd write a little. Was up last night not able to sleep due to contractions, so of course I started getting all excited because with the past births I didn't have contractions until the day of going into labor. So I was up for about 3 hours then they were done, bummer! This baby sure is a mystery to me. They've given us 3 due dates because they were unsure since I was still nursing Trinity when I found out I was pregnant. So the first two have passed and the 3rd due date is May 15th which I thought it would be easy to tell myself that's when the baby is coming but deep down inside I was hoping it to be earlier. I know that date is only 19 days away but I'm feeling ready! For me it is just hard cause I like to plan ahead and make sure everything is ready, got enough food for the kids while we are in the hospital, laundry is done, house is clean etc. So not knowing is really making me trust in the Lord and lean on Him. Ok I had lots more to say but Trinity is crying now. I'm getting excited and we will keep you posted when this mystery baby comes! Bless you all!


Lora said...

praying for you! lora

Jacob and Lacy Ferrell said...

Yeah Hilary! Maybe your labor will be shorter due to contractions! i didn't have anything with Ta like u said about the Samuel and Trinity. But with Kam I had really strong contractions on and off for the last few days...and my labor was 5 hours! You're awesome....3 kids!