Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorry ya'll haven't been in the mood to write these days. So here goes... not much new here just getting ready for #3 to come. Painted a dresser for the new baby, moved the bassinett into our room, went through all the newborn clothes, packed my bag for the hospital. Getting excited that's for sure! We are switching over to cloth diapers and they should be shipped to us this week. We figure we will have 3 in diapers and more down the road so might as well switch now and save money. We were blessed with almost all the money to get started on cloth diapers so I'm very thankful for that! Have about a month to go now, might be sooner though because I am HUGE! Praying for more grace and strength on my body and on my heart! Didn't realize it would be this hard running after 2 plus dealing with their emotions and mine at the same time. I have a new respect for Mom's that's for sure. Just asking for the Lord to show me more of Him each day because that is the only way I can make it through. Tom is doing good and I'm amazed how gracious he has been to me with all my moodiness and drama these days. I am blessed among women! Here's some pics for ya from Easter. We had a family breakfast, then Tom did his normal 12-6 shift so I brought the kids to the prayer room after nap time. After they couldn't keep quiet in the prayer room we went to the Mom's room so they could play, here's some pics of that. Be blessed this week! Love Hilary

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