Friday, October 17, 2008

Season Change!

So a couple things happened yesterday that were a little upsetting and I realized... I have wounds! I've gotten a lot of healing from the Lord from the my past but I realized that I can get hurt on a weekly or even daily basis but I have to choose to forgive, choose to release others, and choose to let the Lord heal me instead of letting it all bottle up inside. So I honestly don't even know where the hurt is from right now all I know is that I have some wounds that need healing and that's my first step is being vulnerable and saying yep I have issues and Jesus I need you. So that is where I am at today, feeling really good and excited about what the Lord is doing and showing me. It feels good to be honest with the Lord and with myself instead of trying to hide stuff, He already knows anyways!
Today as I went on my morning walk there were these beautiful trees and the leaves were falling down and it was just was so pretty! I told Samuel "that's what happens when the season changes". I felt the Lord was saying "this is a season change in the spirit for you Hilary!"

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