Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love babies!

So we had an interview yesterday with a midwife, we are praying about doing a home birth this time around but not too sure. So we didn't know how far along we were, so the midwife said she could check and see if there was a heart beat and there was! So after feeling around and hearing the heart beat she thinks we are 12 weeks pregnant! So we are probably due in May or June, which Trinity will be 13 months.
After hearing the heart beat I got so excited, just the thought of another baby brings me joy. There's been 2 new babies born into the community and a lot more to come! So today I got to take a meal over to one of the families that just had a baby, that is my favorite thing to do cause I get to hear the birth story and see the cute newborn etc. So there ya go, I just love babies, I guess it is a good thing I'm pregnant again! PTL!


Lisa Warren said...

I am so happy for you Hilary! Hey, I want to see a picture of your new crib set up for Trinny! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Love ya.

Tom Lacy said...

Thanks Lisa, I will post pics soon! I can't believe it is only a couple of weeks, yeah! Love ya!

Diana said...

CONGRATULATIONS TOM AND HILARY!!! i'm so very excited for you and your growing family!! i can't wait to meet your next beautiful child :) that's so great to hear you're 12 weeks, first trimester just about done! congratulations again, and may you have a beautiful, enjoyable pregnancy!

Tom Lacy said...

Diana, you are one of those super cute pregnant women! Thanks and you'll have your bundle soon! Hilary

Kacie said...

you haven't personally met me yet, but my husband and i did get to meet your husband back in august--we are planning to move from IHOP-KC to ZHOP and were being introduced to leader-types by our friend Greg. in any event, i check out your blog sometimes because it's nice to hear a young motherly perspective from someone involved in the prayer movement in the place my own family is about to move to (plus, your kids are flipping cute!). anyhoo, you and i are due around the same time, which is kind of encouraging. we got to hear the heartbeat today at our prenatal, too, and it was absolutely amazing... soon enough, baby damme is going to be here! (newest baby lacy, too!) i can't wait! blessings on you and your pregnancy!

jenn said...

i want to see your crib all set up too!!
you're one of my favorite people, ya know!


Tom Lacy said...

Kacie, glad you checked out our blog! When are you moving here? Would love to meet you! If you have any questions about what it's like here or anything you can email me at Hope to meet you soon!

Tom Lacy said...

Ha Jenn we tried to finally set it up yesterday and we didn't have all of the hardware, so we gotta go to Lowe's or something! Anyways, you and my sis in law will be the first to see it! Jenn it's not a secret now everyone sees that you said I'm one of your favorite people!