Wednesday, October 15, 2008

B-day Update!

So here's how my B-day went! I woke up went down stairs to get water and a snack before the kids woke up. Opened the fridge and there's a card a ton of fruit(this is the only thing that has been sounding good to eat) and a dessert from Tom. Once the kids got up I did the normal breakfast with them and one of our renters had left a gift for me on the counter, pretty dangly earrings. Later I go for my normal walk and there's another card from Tom, he's so sweet. Then we come back, a friend stops by and gives me a gift, a pretty bracelet she made. I take a nap. Later on I do the normal thing I do on Tuesdays get ready for our gathering we have here out our house. Another friend stops by and drops a gift off, a bracelet and a pretty decoration for the house. As I'm putting the kids down Tom is putting up Birthday decorations! I come down there's a ton of people here and they put me in "the princess chair" as we call it or others call it the "glory chair". All the women start singing over me it was beautiful. They pray and prophesy over me and tell me who I am in the Lord, which is so what I needed. Then we have a wonderful meal and a Delicious cake a friend made special for me! Opened more presents, I have amazing friends! Then the girls had bought a hair dye for me and colored my hair! I've been wanting some change so it is dark brown with red tint. We will post pics. I was blessed! So the celebrating doesn't stop we do Birthday weeks in our family! Today not sure what all we are doing but a friend wants to take me out for ice cream so that will be fun. There ya go!

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