Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Pics

Samuel decided to do some reorganizing, I guess
he thinks the books don't look good on the shelf
but on the floor instead.

I put Trinity down on the blanket in the right
corner of the pic and she rolled all the way to
the stairs. We've got a little mover!

I found Samuel in my "God area", he had my
bible opened to the book of John...I guess that's
what we need to study as a family!


Greg Burnett said...

We love the Lacys! And Sam's shortcut to getting books ready to read!

bekahgreutman said...

wow trinity may never need to crawl. looks like she's got the rolling thing under control. kennedi just rolled from her back to her front yesterday. she's been doing tummy to back for awhile. i'm sure i'll have similar pics soon :o)