Thursday, September 25, 2008

In need!

So thinking a lot about the economic crisis going on these days. We are feeling it thats for sure... The Lord has still been providing just in different ways. We realized that instead of praying for money for food we just need to pray in the food and it has worked! Recently someone brought over extra food they had in there cabinets, then another person brought over pasta and sauce, someone brought over stuff to make homemade pizza, then another person brought over chicken and fresh veggies(I made fried green tomatoes for the first time)! It has worked out perfect too cause it will be right when I'm trying to figure out what to make and then the food comes! The one thing I'm asking the Lord about is how He is going to breakthrough this month for rent and bills. As you know rent is due in a week and as we see it in the natural all of the money hasn't come in yet plus electricity and water is due next week. Also we are planning to go to Kansas City for a friends wedding in a couple of weeks and we were going to drive but there is no gas here. My first reaction is YIKES! But then I have to cry out and ask the Lord to break in like He said He would, be the provider that He is and cast out the fear with His perfect love!

So all this to say...Please pray for the Lacy family! I know that everyone is in need right now but if the Lord would have you give to us please do!


bekah said...

i'll pray for you, you pray for us. same spot.

Anonymous said...

Definetly, Lord break in for B&B&K! Full provision Lord!


Daniel said...
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Tom Lacy said...

Hi Daniel, how are things in Seattle? Tom's email is be blessed!

trustworthy son said...

Hi Guys Tad and Ali here. Love You.We would love to bless you. Think of you often. Would love to hear from y'all again.
Love Tad