Monday, January 5, 2009

Learning to live with out offense!

It's a new day and a new year! I'm happy for that! So on New Years Eve I went to bed my usual time at 10 and fireworks went on and on till 4am. Yep we live in the South! So I was getting very mad, thinking all these things like..."don't these people have kids and need to sleep?" "these people are so disrespectful, I'm pregnant and need to sleep" and on and on went my complaining. I was so angry, it was not a pretty sight. I rolled over and told Tom how angry I was he said "that's not good." So I lay there talking with the Lord about it why I was so angry, and how I don't even know these people and I am so offended at them. How can I be so angry over such a small thing. Then I felt the Lord say"Hilary I am taking offense and anger out of your heart this year" I thought oh great. Then more fireworks went off, I couldn't help but laugh and laugh it was like something broke off of me. It was a great way to start the New Year off with the Lord.

So far little challenges have happened like the kid's waking up early from there naps which makes it so I don't get much alone time. Not being able to sleep at night which makes the next day hard. Finances not coming in like they were suppose to on certain dates. Etc. So when these things have happened this week instead of getting angry at the circumstances I've been coming to the Lord again (it has been a while) and I've asked Him to take my anger and fill me with His love. It has been hard cause I have to re-train myself that instead of turning to anger I have to turn to Him. It has been worth it though! I feel break through in my heart and that's what I've been needing. Thank you Lord!

Usually when I am offended at someone or at a circumstance it really just means I am offended at the Lord. So I found this today Acts 24:16 "This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men." What a great prayer, Lord let us have a conscience without offense toward you and toward men. Amen!

Love you all ~ Hilary


Kacie said...

what a good word for me, too! i had a nice "repent for my jerk-dom" moment about two nights ago, post-onething-conference (which both my husband and i worked, over 17 hours a day, plus pre- and post-conference duties), when i realized that everything that had come out of my mouth for a good week had either been brash, complain-y, or just downright negative. i spent a few hours today reading james 3 and proverbs 10, reminding myself that this mouth of mine, though harder than creatures to tame, is still subject to reporting the overflow of my heart (translation: my heart is in bad shape!). i need the Lord! Jesus is so much better than i could ever be... i am thankful for his example, and the continuing example of his people, to teach me to bridle my tongue and surrender my heart to God. some of the negativity was conference-related (pregnancy hormones and no sleep = not a nice kacie!) and has since subsided, but nonetheless, it was a keen wake-up call for me! i've got to get my heart right!

anyhoo, i'll be praying for you as often as i pray for me; this purifying fire burns!

p.s. we-dammes are still planning to move to ft. mill in august; i'm sure we'll be emailing soon for some good regional tips (apts mostly) near ZHOP!

Tom Lacy said...

Ha that's good, repent from jerk-dom, I like it! Good word from you too! When are you due again? Yeah email me anytime. I'm glad you guys will be here soon enough! I've been thinking of ya, bless you guys!

Kacie said...

i'm due mid-to-late-May; i can't wait for Baby to get here outside of the womb! how crazy that there is a human being forming inside my organs...