Saturday, January 24, 2009

Motherhood thoughts

Thinking a lot about motherhood these days. Of course that makes sense since that is my life! The other day I was chatting with Tom telling him how the babes were crawling all over me and la la laing (singing) and so on. He said "isn't that what you thought motherhood would be like?" Then it hit me, yep I did. I thought for the most part it would be pretty easy lots of fun, just cuddling, laughing and playing. What I am learning now is it is so much more than that, it is teaching, disciplining, cleaning, loving, and praying. I'm realizing we Mom's are stronger than we think and have a lot more inside than others know. Sometimes I struggle with not being able to go to the prayer room as much or not being able to go to all the amazing meetings where Holy Spirit shows up. But today I am very thankful for the kind of life I live. I am blessed to stay at home with my little ones and to pour into them. I am still an intercessor and prayer warrior. Just more of a hidden one! My house is literally a House of Prayer. So just learning to really live a lifestyle of prayer that no matter what I am doing that I am praising God while doing it, finding Him in it, and talking to Him! Today we had a family devotional before Tom went off to the prayer room. He was singing and playing the guitar and I was running around trying to finish up cleaning, get my coffee and bible so I could sit and join them. I had a question about the coffee but felt bad for interrupting Tom while he was in worship. He said "don't be sorry this is how we should live, do our normal everyday stuff while communing with God at the same time." I liked that!

I'm also finally taking some one's advice they gave me when I first had Samuel. It was to find a rhythm in being a Mom and that the rhythm will always be changing but embrace the rhythm the Lord has for you in each season. So I just started a new rhythm since Tom's schedule changed. It is getting up before everyone else does, get ready and get with the Lord. It is only an hour some days less if I accidentally sleep in. I've just found that if I don't do this I am a grump and my heart isn't as alive. I've also been reading through the Old Testament which has been lots of fun for me. I feel like I am getting addicted to the Lord again and that a fresh hunger is coming. I know there is so much more to say because it has been a while but I think this is long enough and pray you are all blessed this weekend!

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