Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello again!

Well ya'll it has been a while since I've talked deep with ya and actually I don't really have anything deep to say this time either but I've been enjoying the Lord, my hubby and children. Learning to live in the moment and trust the Lord in all things. I'm really excited to see my family tomorrow. My Dad, brother, sister-in-law or in- love as some say, and niece are all coming to our house! They will be here for two days and I am ecstatic! Also excited for Christmas with our little (well growing) family. Then off to another blessed New Year! Well, gotta run Samuel needs my attention. Had to post another video for ya, here's our little joyful girl! Enjoy! Love ya'll ~Hilary


Anonymous said...

You begin and end life eating the same way!

Angela said...