Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kiss from the Lord!

Today I snuck away for an hour to go to the prayer room alone! So I'm there and I'm in a complaining funk and the person leading the set starts singing about the goodness of the Lord. So I say "Lord I want to know your goodness today" then I hear someone next to me, I look and someone had put a note on my bible, it said "I'm a big fan of you" and it had $10 in it. What a kiss from the Lord! So I've been saying how I feel like all our money goes towards bills, groceries, or kid type stuff and nothing just for me. (Sounds like He's delivering me from selfishness, right?) So He gave me $10 just for me today! Anyways, it might sound small but it was HUGE for me and really touched my heart that He hears me and He wants to show me His goodness. I love the Lord my God!



Anonymous said...


Father Smith

bekah greutman said...

hilary check your email. this blog was confirmation for the greutman gift to you!

Anonymous said...

Love ya, Father Smith!

Thanks Bekah! Going shopping today!


Lora said...

hey girl! i love it when He does that! I am happy for you friend! love ya, lora

Anonymous said...

I love you all so much, Ma

ryan internicola said...

you are such a light to this world hil.....love knowing you, love your reality.