Sunday, August 3, 2008

Father's Heart!

Tom and I have been learning about the Father's heart lately and how every child wants Daddy's attention and longs to hear His voice, it is something God has put in us all. Perfect example my Dad is coming to town on Wednesday for one day but my heart is so excited about that one day, I can't stop thinking about how I get to see him and just talk with him face to face! Another example, the other day Samuel brought me Tom's recorder that he records his dreams on and Samuel figured out how to tun it on. So we hear Tom's voice and Samuel starts saying “da da da da da” in a really excited tone of voice. Then Trinity stops nursing and starts looking around for Dad and smiling while she hears his voice. It is such a picture of how we get excited when we hear His voice or when He is in the room talking with us!

Daddy come to us today, let us hear your voice, we love you~ your children!

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Anonymous said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this post! YES YES! Your sons and daughters love your voice Papa!