Saturday, May 28, 2011

We are moving!

So only 10 minutes away from where we live now but yay we are moving into a bigger house!  When we moved from SC to MO I felt like the Lord said just one year in this house Hilary.  So it has been longer than a year and we've been seeking and asking the Lord to open a door to a new place and He did!  There were some things about this house that made a little bit hard, no dishwasher, unable to paint the walls, non working closets, carpet in the kitchen and bathroom, only one bathroom(kind a hard with all 5 of us not to mention potty training one and me being prego!).  But the Lord really was asking me to be thankful for what I have, so He dealt with my heart for many months on choosing thankfulness.  Really the only thing I really prayed for when moving to MO was a big yard with a fence and this house had that for sure!

So this time around I prayed more specifically!  I asked for a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom, more space for the kids to play, dishwasher, working closets, option to paint, linoleum or hardwood floors in kitchen and bathrooms, nice fenced in yard.  So the Lord gave me all that and more!  We are moving into a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom, with a  nice sized playroom downstairs for the kids plus all the things I mentioned I had asked for!  Also I've been wanting to start a garden and the people living there before us already put down soil I just have to plant what I would like!  As you can tell I'm very excited!  The other good thing about this house it is only $50 more a month which is a huge blessing!  With 2 months left of this pregnancy I am ready to get settled and it is time to nest!

As you know it costs to make a move, I'm thankful this move won't cost as much as last time.  But we are in need of about $3000 in order to make this move by June 21st.  Please prayerfully consider giving to us specifically for this move!  You can click on the pay pal button on our blog, give to us in person or make a check out to Tom and Hilary Lacy and send to 4603 E. 114th terrace Kansas City, MO 64137, or if you would like to give a tax deductible gift you can make it out to IHOP and send it to the above address with a sticky note that says for Tom and Hilary Lacy, our names can not be anywhere on the check if written to IHOP.  Thanks so much and we will post pic.'s soon!


Rebekah said...

Aaaahhhh Hilary!! I just can feel how amazing this move is for you because it happened to us the same way!!! The lord likes you!

Anonymous said...

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