Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trip to St. Louis

I'm really enjoying my family and resting more!  Been super thankful for all the life in our home lately.  My kids bring so much joy to Tom and I.  We recently took a trip to St. Louis, MO to visit our dear friends that live there and to rest.  It was such a wonderful time.  The drive was great for the most part, towards the end Esther kept saying "outch, outch, outch"  while squirming in her seat, which means out, out, out.  The drive is only 4 hours but we stopped half way at a Burger King to eat and let the kiddos run around.  The play area was huge and meant for a little bit older kids but Esther was determined to do what her brother and sister were doing and then she wouldn't come down.  So Tom had to climb all the way to the top to get her.  It was quite hilarious, glad we were the only people in there.  In St. Louis we spent lots of time with our friends just living life together.  They have a son that is Samuel's age and a daughter that is Esther's age and then a baby boy about 5 mths old, all so cute!  It was great to see how they live and what I love most about them is they live simple.  They love the Lord with all there heart, soul and strength, they teach there kids how to and others how to also.  True servants and lovers of God!  Can't say enough good things about them!  We spent a day at the park with them, went to there house of prayer one evening, went to a family fun/pizza place all together, spent a girls day out with my friend(that was amazing!), had a date night out with Tom(another amazing time!) and spent time out in there beautiful yard letting the kids play and run.  The last evening we spent praying all together, great way to end the week!

Before we left on vacation I was super tired, stressed, and just needed a break from the mundane.  Coming back we have a new outlook on life!  We are thankful for what we have and hopeful for the future!  We've been praying more as a couple and as a family which is changing the atmosphere in our home!

Here's some pic.'s from the trip!
Samuel and his buddy Micah at the park

Driving in the van!

Samuel and Selah at the family fun place
The girls having a tea party!

On the way home, every one fell asleep!

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