Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How To Have an Elizabeth Trinity Lacy

The parents arrive "way too peaceful to be having a baby" the nurse staff assures us!

We set up the live from KC prayer room, "Let the peace increase!"

Mama prays and paces!

This face means it's time to stop taking pictures and start pushing!

It's just that easy!
She was so calm they thought something was wrong with her... Nope, it's the peace that surpasses understanding!

Thanks for your prayers, we felt them!


Michael Hoerler said...


Anonymous said...

when do we get stats on this sweet baby girl? us moms like to know these things. congratulations!!


Tom Lacy said...

9lbs 21", Gray blue eyes, Hilary labored 17hrs then pushed only three times. Completely natural... she just had some motrin afterwards! My Wife is AMAZING!

Matthew said...

Adorable, Samuel is going to have cheek envy.

Anonymous said...


Tom Lacy said...

Who are you mad one?