Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Man!

The title of this blog is actually my excuse for not blogging in 10 plus days... "Family MAN!!" Hilary and I are adjusting to being parents of two. I am back to my full time staff commitments at the house of prayer so Mom is learning to juggle!! We have been blessed with lots of help though. We have had meals cooked for us literally every night since we've been back from the hospital, can someone PRAISE HIM? That helps Hilary abunch as she transitions. Also it helps that our son has his own fan club to come and baby sit him and take him for walks so Hilary can nap-it-up. That's about it for an update... OOOOH! Here's a tastey tidbit of news: My daughter already smiles, and no it's not gas! Really, today I made a funny noise and she smiled at me. To test it I waited and did it again, immediatly she looked at me and smiled again.... That's gotta be some kind of record! Thirteen days old and smiling! What will this kid be?!
Samuel now eats apples by himself, except he doesn't know how to eat around the apple core, so he just eats through the apple! AMAZING!


Tom Lacy said...

Samuel now has his apples cored for him, he loves to examine thuroughly before eating them... and point out that momma's is different. This boy is so sweet!

Kristine said...

Oh, dear friends! I can't believe you just had your second baby!!!!! Awwwww! I wish I could see you guys again. You have to be one of the greatest couples ever and are a testimony that it is possible to have a great marriage! Yay, Lacy's!!!!

Tom Lacy said...

Kristine!! We miss you! Come Visit ANY time girl. We'll be reading your blog every morning over a jug-o-sweet tea!!

Kristine said...

Tommy! Hooray for a great daddy!! So, I don't know which to be intimidated by more - that I now feel pressure to blog more often so that you can read it every morning or that I have to compete with sweet tea. Well, I know which would win the Sweet Prize (it's not me), but I think I might have a leg up on the More Interesting Prize. :) Love you guys!

Michael Hoerler said...

Yay for you guys! I miss hanging with ya, homies.

Christiane said...

She is the sweetest little girl ever!
oh- and i love my little chubby boy! ;-) can somebody look in these huge blue eyes and not just fall in love with the little man right away! i miss him... :-(
hilary, you are SO special and an amazing mom- i told you ;-)
love you, tom and hilary!

Anonymous said...

So the FBI Agent is really tall,dark, clean-cut and handsome. His partner for the patrol is a well-made Rottweiler, on the large and muscular side. 3 kids rescue equipment, using a borrowed computer and the kids are fun as they earn special roles in the agency. Yer Ma, call yer Ma
Love you and your gorgeous family.