Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our Favorite Mexican!

"This is Beti Stanghellini! We meet some pretty amazing people in this movement and Beti is no exception! She is one of the newest members of Team Tom and Hilary and I asked her to tell a little about herself! God has taken her all over the planet, most recently South Crackalina! IMPORTANT: It will help if you read on with a thick Mexican accent. Enjoy!" -Tom

My testimony

I was an atheist, mom or dad never took me to church, my father was an atheist, so I grew up without God and without hope; my religion was science and communism. But one day, God called by my name in a dream and encountered me where I was. I was found by Jesus, and I was saved! My life radically changed by His love and His compassion.

A missionary

In the last years, I had been in part time ministry, but last year God called me to full time ministry, I am now an Intercessor missionary, raising my own support.

Where I am now

God had impressed me to start a House of Prayer in El Paso TX; I am pregnant with the vision to birth a Day and Night House of Prayer in El Paso TX. For that purpose God sent me for training/impartation for a 3 months internship at IHOP in Kansas City Mo; right after that, I spent the next three months in Succat Hallel, House of Prayer in Jerusalem, Israel, and now I am at ZHOP, House of Prayer in Fort Mill SC for three months.

My vision about the House of Prayer El Paso

I are seeking to start a Day and Night, city-wide prayer furnace, an intercessory worship center established in El Paso TX –in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David- to maintain a continuous fire of prayer and worship before the Lord and to see righteousness released in the city of El Paso TX, Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, NM.(these three cities are a geographical region linked with one another not only ethnically, but also culturally, and economically. I aim to have a worship center committed to developing forerunners given to lives of extravagant worship, prayer, fasting, and holy activism, fueled by intimacy with God's heart.

Strategic location of El Paso, TX and its surrenders

  • The U.S./Mexico border. El Paso and its sister city Juarez, Mexico, comprise the largest metropolitan area on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Nearly 2.2 million people inhabit the El Paso/Juarez borderplex. Over 1.5 million people reside in Juarez, Mexico and 721,598 in El Paso TX; it is comparable to the Denver and Munnich (Germany) metropolitan areas.

  • Racial mix: 79% Hispanic; 15% White; 5% African American 1% Native American and 1% Asian/Pacific islanders

  • Drugs. El Paso TX/Juarez Mx are the main entrances of all the drugs coming from South America and Mexico to meet the USA demand ; El Paso TX-Juarez, Mexico serves as the gateway for narcotics destined to major metropolitan areas in the U.S., which is commonly referred to as the El Paso/Juarez Corridor.

  • The El Paso/Juarez corridor serves as a transshipment point for cocaine to various locations in the U.S. Seized loads range from 50-800 pounds. Cocaine is the drug of choice among users in USA and the availability is high; these groups are poly-drug organizations smuggling methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana to the Dallas/Fort Worth

  • The El Paso/Juarez corridor is the route primarily used to transport drugs to Albuquerque NM for distribution in the Midwestern and Southwestern US and also Dallas/Fort Worth TX area for distribution in the Eastern, Southeastern states.

  • Drugs: Sources-of-supply (SOS) from Mexico move significant quantities of marijuana and cocaine through the POEs using major east/west and north/south interstate highways that crisscross through the El Paso Division. Drug smuggling and illicit transportation are primarily dominated by Mexican, Colombian and Dominican poly-drug trafficking organizations.

  • Abortion Clinics in El Paso serves not only that region in USA, but draws customers from all over Mexico since abortion is not legal in Mexico

  • Murders in Juarez, Mexico. Sadly, the city of Juarez, Mexico (the Mexican twin city) had seen the murder of about 370 young women between the ages of 17 and 22 years of age, many of them students and the majority workers of local factories. According to Amnesty International about 400 girls are still missing. In most of these cases there were signs of sexual violence, abuse, torture or in some cases mutilation. Some had declared that it might be linked to the pornographic industry

  • More information can be found in:

  • We aim to partner in prayer with our brothers and sisters in Juarez Mexico and pray for justice in the land


Tom Lacy said...

She forgot to mention that she goes crazy for Butter Pecan Ice Cream!! Seriously... she danced around the kitchen last night eating it!

Jonathan and Sara said...

HI BETI!!!!!!
Tell her I said, "Hi", Tom!
Small word in the prayer movement. We miss her in JERU TOWN!

Tom Lacy said...

I didn't know you guys lived in Jeru Town! You gotta keep us updated! Wow! Just think, first the Lord moves you to Jerusalem then to Jeru Town... what's next? JerusaVille!?
I'll pass the love to Beti. PS I am sweating right now because I just got done loading 600+ red chairs destined to Jeru Town for Fulfillment Fest! Small world indeed!

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

Yvette and I know and Love Beti Too! We got to know here during the Summer 2007 Intro To IHOP. She is a wonderful woman of God. Who also has an awesome Grandson. It is so cool to see that she has now connected with one of our most favorite families.