Thursday, June 16, 2011

My heart these days...

Sipping on my coffee this morning contending for peace in my heart and home today!  We are one week away from our move and even though it is just down the street this move seems harder than it did from SC to MO.  Could be the fact that I am 34weeks pregnant I don't know.  So I'm reflecting on this pregnancy, this new season we are about to go into and realizing the Lord is doing so much in my heart.  All of this "transition" as people say around here is super humbling.  I've cried out and cried out for a new house and He heard my cry and is answering my prayer for sure.  The funny thing is it happens not on my timing but His and not my way but His.  I remember thinking we will move before I get too pregnant and when we have all the money saved up.  No and no, God is funny that way.  So I've been learning I have to step out and ask in my weakness and that has been super hard.  Asking God for help and asking others for help.  I've always been one to do everything on my own, try to be the strong one and just get it all done.  I'm learning that He loves the weak ones, the ones that don't have anything, need help and cry out.  He has been super faithful through all this, he's bringing in the finances for the house and bringing in the help that I need to pack it all up and clean.  Which is amazing but all my junk in my heart is coming up in the process : )  When I say it has been humbling is that I've had a lot of pride in my heart, thinking I can do it all on my own etc.  I've felt like this pregnancy has been one of the hardest physically, not sure if it's cause I'm a little older or because I'm chasing after toddlers or what but my body is sore!  So due to that I have to ask Tom for a lot of help around the house, I have to sit and rest more and during this move I've had to ask friends to come and help me pack while I sit and hold my babies and watch them do the work....  Well there's a little bit of my heart unveiled, gotta run the kiddos are arising!

Here's some pic.'s for ya!

 The kids making a fort while I pack
 We made a bed on the floor and let them have popcorn and watch a veggie tale while we pack up.
Here's my wonderful family enjoying the summer!

Also if you still want to give towards our move you can!   Click on the donate button on our blog, give to us in person or make a check out to Tom and Hilary Lacy and send to 4603 E. 114th terrace Kansas City, MO 64137, or if you would like to give a tax deductible gift you can make it out to IHOP and send it to the above address with a sticky note that says for Tom and Hilary Lacy, our names can not be anywhere on the check if written to IHOP.  Thanks so much!  Bless you all!


Lora said...

praying for you, hilary!! His grace is sufficient! :) lora

Hilary Lacy said...

Thanks Lora I appreciate it! Sure miss you!

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