Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well Hello! Sorry it has been so long, haven't been keeping up with the blogging much these days. Just thought I'd say a quick hi, the kids are starting to wake up from their naps. The girls share a room and it so sweet when the wake up the talk and giggle, it makes my heart happy! Samuel has a big boy bed now and he loves it and plays in his room as well, thank you Lord! Things are going well, getting into a routine here. Spring has arrived so that sure helps. We can go for walks, go to the park, let the kids run outside, what a blessing! Trinity turned 2 this week, and Esther will be one next month, and no we are not pregnant yet. Yes we still want a lot of children! It has been kind of nice for my body to have a little break and I'm sure it's been nice for Tom too(I'm a little emotional, to say the least, when I'm pregnant). Hmmm... what else, hearts a good, God has been sifting through a lot but it is only making me stronger and causing me to Trust Him and love Him even more. So that's the quick version of what is going on and here's some pics, was trying to post more but having issues, oh well her ya go!

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