Monday, May 11, 2009

Esther Gloria Lacy has arrived!

Happy Mother's Day to me! Esther Gloria Lacy was born on May 10th at 3:18am. She's such a beautiful gift from the Lord. Saturday night was like every other night that week having contractions 10 min. apart while I'm trying to sleep but then it changed around midnight and started getting more painful and 5 minutes apart. Tom was in the garage working on a Mother's day gift for me so I decided to put on some worship music and get on the birthing ball. It was an amazing time with the Lord just worhsipping, going through the contractions and really feeling His presence and love towards me. Then it started getting pretty painful and intense real fast. We got our friend Christiane to come over and stay with the kids then we headed off to the hospital. Arrived at 2:45am and had her at 3:18am. When I showed up I was ready to push, they wheeled me into the delivery room and it was super fast from there. Pushed three times and the little beauty was born! Her and I are both doing well, this has been the easiest birth for me so far and we've had an amazing experience at the hospital too. The Lord has really shown His kindness and love towards our family, I feel so loved and blessed!

As many of you know, most of my pregnancy we felt like we were having a boy and all we had was a boys name. Then on Saturday a friend in our community shared a dream he had with us. In the dream we were at ZHOP, Tom and I were up at the altar, I was laying on my back still pregnant and the Glory of the Lord was in the room. Then he saw a star and a cloud, that was pretty much the dream, he felt like the dream was about our baby. Then that same night Tom was talking with a friend about if we were to have a girl what we would name her and he said he was thinking of Hadassah, which is Esther's Hebrew name in the bible. Then our friend said Esther means star. Right while Tom was having this conversation I was upstairs having contractions and asking the Lord about a girls name and the only name that came to me was Esther. Then right as we are leaving to go to the hospital we walk out to our car and the same friend that had the dream about us was driving by and honked his horn(this was at 2am). It was a little confirmation to us from the Lord that we were probably having a girl and her name should be Esther. Gloria means glory so that is why we chose that for her middle name. It was amazing that He gave us a name right at the last moment. So there's our story. Thank you all for your love and prayers!
~Tom and Hilary


Lora said...

so happy for you guys!!! God is so good. i can't wait to meet your new little esther...
love you!

Greg Burnett said...

Yay! We love you guys.

Kacie said...

congratulations! what a thrill!

our baby came last night at 11:59 pm; a boy--ransom david damme! babies all around! yeah!

Tom Lacy said...

Lora, thanks so much! Loved the cake that was so sweet of you! Greg we love you guys too, it meant so much to us to have you all come visit in the hospital. Thanks! Kacie, congrats to you too, how exciting! Be blessed and enjoy this special time!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all are sleeping sometimes, thank you for all of the pictures and for sharing your story. Love to you all , Tom, Hilary, Samuel, Trinity and Esther, Ma